Jonna Malinowski

Raised in the industry by two hairdressers parents, education and continuing ed was and is very important .  I have and will always take additional classes. This allows me to keep up with the latest trends. As a student of Excel Academy of Cosmetology I studied the Redken Principles of Design. This taught me to use your personal head shape to create a custom look for you. As I progressed through my career I continue to keep up with my education.


What it means to be Redken Color and Design Certified. 

To become a Redken certified colorist and designer I had to take a series of color and design (cutting) focused tests. This includes a physical test as well as a multiple choice portion and essay questions. These questions cover knowledge of hair color and design principles, knowledge of Redken products, and the practice of color in the healthiest of ways.  And how personalize every design  to be Tailored just for you.

What it means to be a Redken Educator. 

As a Redken educator I was selected from hundreds of entries to go through three weeks of rigorous training. Once I graduated I am asked to go into other salons to teach an array of Redken information. This could be anything from their classic products all the way through to their newest collections. Being a Redken Educator allows me to have access to the newest Redken Technology before it hits the shelves. 

Why Redken?  

I have chosen Redken to stand behind because of technology. I have had the opportunity to work with several different product companies. All the while feeling like Goldilocks, one made hair too dry, one made hair too oily, one would pull color and fade. I realized it was time to stop with the dance and go with what has worked since 1960. Redken's technology is based off of the necessity of proteins in the hair. Every day we do damage to our hair. Redken products are all created to rebuild and strengthen the hair. Even their lighteners rebuild and strengthen the hair. Not only do their haircare, styling products, and hair color nourish the hair, but all Redken products do the job they're designed to do perfectly. They also have many in-salon treatments to rebuild the hair to correct previous damage done to the hair. This not only leaves the hair feeling and looking better, but it also prevents breakage so your hair can grow longer. 

Why choose Rock Papper Sisors over anywhere else?  

I offer a guarantee. After any service you have done you have up to two week to come back for adjustments if you don't like the style or color of your choosing. You also have unlimited time to bring back any products you have purchased from me for another product or your money back.

Top trends, extensive education, and the health of your hair is important to me.

The cost of your hair care services pays for the best care, top fashion and education. Unfortunately that isn't always the case in other salons. Often the price of your bill doesn't reflect the quality of the work. Not in my chair. I promise the cost of your service is going towards extending my education and offering high quality products with exceptional service. This means you will always see a return on your investment with your hair.

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