The Best Of

I am excited to introduce my first blog. This is where I'm going to post tips and facts that will make looking good not just look easy but will actually be easy. You will also gain insight on what you can do to get the best out of your cosmetic services.  

I would like to go over the classic tricks and tips  I have already posted on Facebook.  Or what I like to call "Best Of".

Have you ever been out and get a ruff edge on your nail? It usually happens when your wearing tights, ha! Right? Well no fear of tearing your stockings just score yourself some matches and use the sand paper strip as an emery board. Even though smoking isn't legal in doors (at least not in Michigan) you would be surprised how many bars and restraints still carry them. 

Mascara. It clumps and crumbs gets in your eyes. I have two great solutions you can use. One is quick and the other requires a bit more time but has a bonus tip.  First tip: simply take a tissue or toilet paper and wipe the brush off after you pull the wand out of the bottle, and yes before you apply it. Then just go a head and apply. Trust me there is plenty still on there. You will get the dark long lash with out the clumps. Second tip: Apply the mascara immediately after removing the wand to both eyes. Before the product drys completely take a eye brow brush and brush through one eye. Immediately take the excess product you have on the eye brow brush and brush through your eye brows. Repeat on the the other eye quickly. Now you have clumps and highlighted eyebrows. Look at your eyes pop. 

Speaking of mascara. Did you know that you should not use water proof mascara every day? That is right, it is not good for your lashes. They will break and not grow as thick. I recommend a nourishing or hydrating formula.

Your hair is a delicate fiber. you shouldn't wash your hair ever day. I not only drys your hair out by stripping out all the natural oils that your body made special for your type of hair. But it also tears at your hair too much. Hair is more weak when its wet. putting it in its weakest state everyday then pulling a comb through it causes even more breakage and thinning of density. Now you will need even more hair cuts to get off the extra damage that occurs to maintain control over the  style and  health of your hair.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions please contact me.